Online Istikhara provides you with a solution to your problem. Our goal is to serve Muslim brothers and sisters living around the world. We resolve your problems and you can contact with us at given number 00923004459725. God knows the best “ability” and “discovery” as well as ability to discover that whenever a key anticipates the errand, then the first and the master Lets ask before thinking about the mind. Whenever a decision is resolved, then it should seek God’s course and knowledge. Allah alone recognizes what is better for us and what we see can be unusual awesome and horrible, and what we see is awesome.

As it is pointed out to the hadeeth in Bukhari Sharif,

Volume 2, Book 21, No. 263:

Reported by Jabir bin Abdullah


The Prophet teaches the way of doing istikhaara in all the problems he performed Surah of Quran. He expressed, if any of you wants to understand any act, then he should offer two rak’ahs besides the important and (after request):

how to perform istikhara

How to perform?

With the ultimately objective, Consequent to offers two (rakat ‘) Prayer (nawafil)   that is in the primary rakat offers surat al kafiron ‘ after Surah Fatiha (Allhamd …) and ‘after the second raka’ surah Fatiha (Allhamd …) recites Surah al-Ikhlas. After finishing two rakat prayer recites that prey

“O Allah! I search for goodness from your understanding and your vitality (and maybe) I look for the quality and I ask you for your extraordinary endowments, because you have power and I have no power. You know everything and I have no faintest idea, and you think about the subtle. Goodness Allah! If in your Knowledge this movement- (which I intend to do) is better for my religion and certainty, for my life and end [death], for here in [in this world] and the ancient past, then make it for me destined and make It’s straightforward for me and that incorporate enrichment in it, for me. O Allah! In Your Knowledge Whether this action is frightful for me, my religion and certainty for my soul and endurance, for my life and end [death], for here [in this world] and considerable past then it is me from rejection and me from it and whatever is better for me, designate

that’s me and after that make me content with it. ”

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Istikhaara (How many times offers?)

It depends on the needs and requirements. Learn and then take it only once to find the answer to the request and may take longer than that. Starter is the best to perform seven (7) times. If you get the answer as cleaned in the section below, leave the offering istikhaara.

It is better and prescribed that straightforwardly in the wake of supplication of examination, as mentioned above, with washing down (people who cannot keep the longer conditions for showering as a result of, It is not necessary that it is a Sunnah of our treasured Prophet (peace be upon him)

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